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Một số use case trong customer journey




Contextually introduce and inform. Capture key identity elements.


Inspire and ensure easy exploration of relevant products and content.

  • Promotional Targeting
  • Einstein Recipes – Content
  • Einstein Recipes – Brand, Category and Products



Encourage active product evaluation. Recognize signs of defection.

  • Comparison Shopping
  • Persistent Messaging (Recently Viewed)
  • Einstein Recipes – 404 Error, Out of Stock, Null Search Product Recs
  • Einstein Recipes – Similar/YMAL Products



Eliminate friction points. Prevent abandonment.

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Einstein Recipes – Add to Cart Recommendations
  • Targeted Offers by Segment


Intelligently cross- and up-sell to increase UPT and AOV.

  • Preference Capture
  • Einstein Recipes – Cross-sell Products
  • Einstein Recipes – Add to Cart Value Threshold Recommendations
  • Einstein Recipes – Upsell Products



Reinforce relationship. Continually nurture to grow LTV.

  • Prompt for Survey or Review
  • Lifecycle Segmentation & Targeting
  • Einstein Recipes – Post-purchase Products
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